Beating a Warrant in Debt

Published: 05th October 2010
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Bill, not his real name, is declaring bankruptcy with me in October. (He demands a couple more months to finish off everything to get his bankruptcy approved.)

At the same time, he received a warrant in debt. Midland Credit Management, a big debt buyer, was suing him over an old Chase card. He definitely not want to get a judgment and a garnishment while we were ready for the right time to file the bankruptcy.

Bill knows, from my warrant in debt website, that he must head to court on his return date, and reveal to the judge he wanted a trial. He had a trouble-free basis for stating he wanted a trial. "I never heard of Midland Credit Management. I donít know who they are or what this is about."

He demanded a bill of particulars, and Midlandís lawyer asked for grounds of defense.

When Midland submitted their bill of particulars, they wrote that they had purchased the debt from Chase, and Bill were supposed to pay Chase $4822.

About Billís grounds of defense, he wrote to the court and Midlandís lawyer that there have been no records and documents showing that Midland truly bought the debt from Chase; and that Midland had basically no evidence of exactly how much he owed ChaseĖthey would desire a witness from Chase to establish that.

Bill was anxious on his warrant in debt trial date, but it really was easy. After they called his name, the counsel for Midland said, "Your Honor, this is our first dismissal of the day." The Judge then turned to Bill and scolded him to some degree to be financially liable. Then he said, you won today, you are free to go.

Bill dealt with this by himself, but I had given him couple of guidelines. One thing I stated, if this is still America, you'll certainly win. Nice to know for sure this still is America.

Under Virginia law, Midland would be able to put forth a similar warrant in debt a second time. Even so they wonít manage to move fast enough to beat our October bankruptcy filing. (Additionally they probably couldnít prove it then, either.)

When we finally get to October, his bankruptcy will check out fine.

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